A New Book by Robert Spaccarelli

Simple Living in the 21st Century teaches you how to live off the land in the healthiest and most natural way possible. Robert Spaccarelli is an expert in the fields of beekeeping, gardening, fruit trees, permaculture, mushrooms, and foraging for wild plants. This book gives you enough information to get started in any of these fields if you are a beginner and offers in-depth tips if you’ve been doing one of these subjects for a while. Rob has spent a lifetime in all these areas. As someone who believes in passing knowledge on to others, this book is his first to enlighten and educate those who value nature. He wants readers to appreciate what it has to offer in beauty, nutrition, and practical use.

Book Signing and Pizza Fest

​Saturday, September 9 1:00 - 5:OO PM

​Ice Time Sports

​21 Lakeside Road Newburgh, NY 12550

Robert Spaccarelli

Bringing his expertise in beekeeping, permaculture, foraging, farming, and wild game to you.