All of these skills are more than hobbies as Rob manages other people’s farms, helps homeowners create sustainable landscapes, and uses his knowledge of wildlife and nature to show others how to practice sustainable living in whatever ways possible.  

          Knowing Robert Spaccarelli is like living with a verbal encyclopedia. Robert first came into our life and world when my wife and I were looking for an expert to control and manage the acreage around our beautiful barn in Putnam County. Robert brought with him so many talents in so many fields. I asked how honey was made. Within a week, we had a wild flower garden planted and six working bee hives which eventually supplied us with forty pounds of honey. Each year we have an abundance of the healthiest vegetables I have ever tasted.
          Who needs to cook when Robert puts on his chefs apron. Every week he creates unbelievable luncheons of homegrown vegetables and freshly procured fish from special markets only he knows of.  His main dish could easily earn three stars in a Michelin guidebook, and for dessert, we just reach over and pluck a dozen of his delicious figs from the trees he has stored over the winter months.   Need to catch your own fish? Then follow Robert to the Adirondacks where his expertise will teach you to catch the biggest pike the lake has to offer. Robert is an all-round expert on – you name it, he’ll be it.
         So glad he is in our lives.

Jim and Julie Dale​

​(Jim Dale is an actor, voice artist, and singer-songwriter. He narrated the Harry Potter novels.)

Robert Spaccarelli

His new book, Simple Living in the 21st Century is his first step in sharing his knowledge with a wider audience. With all the complexity and technology in everyone’s lives, there is a real desire to enjoy some of the simpler gifts of the world. These are the building blocks of life such as healthy eating, growing some of our own food, and learning more about nature to better understand it and incorporate it into our lives. If this sounds like you, then you will enjoy reading the book and upcoming features on the website.

Robert started beekeeping as a young boy, and his interest in what nature offers continually increased. Over the years, he has accumulated a vast storehouse of knowledge that he applies in his everyday life. Besides beekeeping, Robert raises figs, plus other fruits and vegetables for his family’s consumption. He is an accomplished fisherman, and he knows where to find the good mushrooms and other edible plants in the wilderness.

Rob lives with his children, Julian and Lucy in Dutchess County, New York surrounded by the beauty of the area.